KVT Symbian Installer

KVT Symbian Installer 2.0

Creates SIS files for Symbian devices
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KVT Software
Creates the SIS files necessary for the Symbian apps that you develop either from scratch of from a preexisting setup file.

KVT Symbian Installer is a free application that proves to be very useful when it comes to creating Symbian setup .SIS files. It allows you to make or to extract the above mentioned file types.
This application comes with an intuitive user-interface, as any user would be able to manage it. Therefore, when you find yourself in the situation in which you need an application to build SIS files for the Symbian applications you develop, KVT Symbian Installer proves to be a reliable solution.

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  • Free
  • Intuitive interface
  • Make/Extract SIS files


  • None
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